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Exclusively for Antichi Sapori Campani, L 'Antico Grano pasta is produced with Senatore Cappelli flour, ancient wheat ground in an artisan mill

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The main product of the Italian diet, pasta, can only require an Italian wheat.

Senatore Cappelli is the most widespread durum wheat in our country before being supplanted by more modern grains and almost disappearing.

Senatore Cappelli is to all intents and purposes an ancient grain. This is because it was selected before modern industrial processes were introduced, when the productions were still mostly simple and artisanal.

Today the need to produce quickly and as much as possible has upset the way wheat is processed and favored the spread of lower grains, more protein and with more gluten.

Senatore Cappelli, on the other hand, remains a wheat like those of the past, with high spikes, with deep roots, ideal for being organically grown because it cannot bear to be fertilized too much (it tends to grow in height and break).

If we compare the nutritional values of a modern durum wheat pasta (most of those found on the market are produced with imported grains) and those of an Italian Senatore Cappelli wheat pasta, the lower protein content is evident, but also the lower sugar intake.

Furthermore, compared to the canonical 100 grams, Cappelli wheat pasta will provide more vitamins and minerals than modern durum wheat pasta, with the same calories (or even less).

Senatore Cappelli wheat pasta is tastier.

The habit of our palate to refined modern grain flours has made us forget the taste of wheat. The choice of ancient grains, even more if wholemeal or semi-wholemeal, reminds us that the grains have a personality, intense aromas and a rich flavor.

The Senatore Cappelli taste is aromatic and persistent, even after having finished chewing and swallowing the pasta its flavor will remain in the mouth like an echo.

Senatore Cappelli wheat pasta is always artisanal.

It is not possible to produce a Senatore Cappelli pasta with industrial methods.

To work Senatore Cappelli and produce a pasta that keeps cooking, longer times and lower temperatures are required, which are the typical characteristics of artisanal processing. Only by allowing the dough time to blend and the pasta time to dry can you obtain a high quality pasta.

All this is L 'ANTICO GRANO pasta.

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