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The fennel liqueur is a very particular liqueur that is prepared with wild fennel and is excellent to sip at the end of a meal.

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Fiore del Finocchietto is harvested manually between the end of August and the beginning of September.

If necessary, the yellow inflorescences are immersed in stainless steel tanks containing mineral water and pure alcohol to allow the aromatic release (maceration); in this way a green hydroalcoholic solution is obtained which is particularly perfumed and rich in essential oils of the flower.

After a few weeks the process is considered finished and the inflorescences are removed from the tank, pressed and eliminated from the production cycle. The aromatic alcohol solution thus obtained is filtered and stored in the tank.

During the production phase, pure alcohol is added to the general mixing tank, the syrup made up of low-mineral water and sugar, the alcoholic solution of fennel flower, and finally the low-mineral water by volume.

The mixture obtained is then filtered, collected in a storage tank, analyzed and then sent to the filler for filling the previously rinsed and drained bottles.

Excellent after a meal given the digestive powers of fennel. It is recommended to serve it cold.

Ingredients : hydrated alcohol, sugar, alcoholic infusion of wild fennel flower

Alcoholic content : 28%

Packaging : 20cl - 50c

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