Salamello with cutting board
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Salamello with cutting board

Sweet or spicy, each salami offers an intense sensory journey rich in taste.

All cured meats are seasoned and obtained from pigs raised in complete safety.

All products are certified and made according to the ancient peasant recipes of Irpinia.


The salamello is a delicatessen product stuffed into small and very thin artificial collagen casings, tied in series with string and divided before shipping.

For the production, only Italian heavy pig meat is used. Its dough is intense and rich.

In ancient times, just like today, it was the first salami to be consumed after pork processing. It is a lean salami, with a delicate taste and a sweet flavor.

Ingredients : Pork mince mixture, counter mince, culatello and pancetta trimming, salt, natural flavorings, spices.

It does not contain gluten and milk derivatives, it does not contain allergens.

Weight : 260 g

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