Senatore Cappelli flour
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Senatore Cappelli flour

Senatore Cappelli durum wheat flour is highly appreciated for the preparation of bread and pasta to which it gives an excellent flavor. Apart from its organoleptic characteristics and its beautiful yellow color, Senatore Cappelli durum wheat flour is appreciated for its high protein value.

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The so-called "ancient grains" are varieties of wheat grown in Italy until the first half of the 20th century. For production and consumption needs, they have been replaced by other cultivars that guarantee high yields in the field and greater elasticity of the doughs. All this to the detriment of the properties organoleptic. The varieties of ancient grains, including the most known Senator Cappelli, they have a fragrance and a flavor rich in nuances that are impossible to find in pasta, bread and desserts generally available in large-scale distribution. In addition, a reduced gluten intake, while requiring special attention during cooking, is guarantee of high digestibility of the product.


They contain fewer harmful substances because they are organically grown. These varieties were grown at a time when modern nitrogen fertilizers or glyphosate were not yet widespread, so they were selected for their natural resistance.

They have a lower gluten index than modern grains. The latter have been selected precisely because they contain more proteins and develop more gluten, an element that has allowed to significantly speed up the manufacturing processes.

Precisely because they possess a more gluten index low, they must necessarily be worked with more attention. They ask for more temperatures low processing times and longer times long leavening.

Leavened products made from ancient grains take longer long leavening, however there it makes more digestible. Modern varieties swell quickly and this has allowed industrial processing to reduce leavening times. Unfortunately, this has caused a problem: yeast enzymes don't have time to digest the toxic load of gluten.

Some studies show that ancient grains offer benefits for several factors such as cholesterol, inflammatory state, cellular oxidation and intestinal function.

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