Wholemeal Freselline
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Wholemeal Freselline

Freselle are slices of durum wheat or wholemeal toasted bread. Much appreciated in Campania and in other regions of southern Italy.

They are served after having softened them with water and generally seasoned with tomato, salt, olive oil, basil or oregano.


Freselle are obtained from donut-shaped loaves, cut in half, baked in the oven then toasted and dried.

They are highly friable, contain low amounts of water compared to bread but also easier to digest.

The nutritional value of freselle is closely linked to the type of flour used in the dough: the higher the percentage of wholemeal flour, the higher the concentrations of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.

In any case, it should always be considered a healthy food rich in starch and vegetable proteins, and without added fats present in most of the crackers or breadsticks on the market.

Excellent both as a first course and as a single summer dish.

Excellent as an appetizer or aperitif with various sweet and savory toppings.

Ingredients: Wholemeal durum wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, salt, criscito, water, natural yeast.

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