List of products by brand Il Forno del Borgo

Dear Grandmother Maria began to indicate the route towards craftsmanship in the 1950s with her marked ability to prepare the "Pane di Calitri" according to the traditional method.

In 1969, the Iannolillos started the family bakery with an ambitious idea: “The passion for good things”. Simple and quality ingredients in the artisanal dough, stone grinding to give genuine flavors a touch of class.

The attachment to their roots, our customers, live thanks to the different types of bread we make with flours obtained from stone processing, as well as a series of products, from sweet to savory, for buffets and receptions, which make every occasion unforgettable moments.

The third generation, led by Nina, despite being in constant evolution, leaves intact the passion for good things, handed down since 1969.