Fusilli al Ferretto - 100% Italian durum wheat semolina pasta
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Fusilli al Ferretto - 100% Italian durum wheat semolina pasta

Pastificio Del Sole was founded in 1996, thanks to the passion and love of the Del Sole family for genuine products.

All the ingredients used in the production cycle represent the best that nature makes available to us.

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The genuineness, combined with the great dedication and experience of the Del Sole brothers, guarantees an excellent product: “La Pasta”, the main element of the classic Mediterranean diet.

The processing, based exclusively on traditional artisanal methods, includes two production lines: Dry Pasta, slow drying and low temperature, and Fresh Pasta in the regional variants most requested by consumers.

The company follows a controlled and certified supply chain project with a strong territorial imprint that guarantees the genuineness and local origin of the ground grains.

The wheat grown, harvested and ground on site, gives rise to flours and semolina that smell of the land in which they were born

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